Sunday, November 29, 2009

XO's still going strong at Kasiisi

Hello from Kasiisi! The OLPC Corp deployment is still going well. Because we have not kept up the blog since our project really got under way, I thought I would provide a quick recap in pictures…

Unpacking the laptops at Kasiisi Primary School

We found a nice shady spot to work for the day. We had to unpack and manually update the software on each computer. We also took the time to attempt to work out generator and server issues before we really got going with the students.

Weekend-long teacher training

Our team of two Ugandan University students, one American University Student, One Ugandan Headmistress, and one American volunteer taught all of the Kasiisi Primary school teachers about the computers and their possibilities as learning tools. This initial training was open to all teachers to get the whole school informed and excited about the computers. Ever since this weekend, we have been concentrating the training on a team of 5 teachers.

Installing the charging station

Because Kasiisi Primary School does not have any electrical power, we had to be inventive with how to keep the laptops charged. We designed and built a complicated charging station, including a generator, back-up battery, wiring for charging 80 laptops at one time, and a secure cabinet to keep the laptops safe and organized. To see the our design, check out

Each computer was numbered and given an accompanying numbered charging slot at our station. Each student was assigned a computer and a list of the students name and computer were posted at the charging station for reference.

Students in Class with the XO.

Laptop Grand Ceremony

Hundreds of people, including local political leaders, parents, students, visiting donors and volunteers, and teachers attended the Kasiisi OLPC celebration. Students performed singing and dancing routines, speeches were given by many important people, and the laptops were shown off to the community.

Great Primate Handshake Comes to Kasiisi

Thanks again for coming to see our school and making an excellent video for us! Here is the video that has recently been posted on the OLPC youtube site:

An article

And a link to learn more about the Great Primate Handshake group:

Family Day at Kasiisi

In order to really show the community and families of Kasiisi what the XO Laptop is all about, we decided to have a family day at Kasiisi. All families and friends were invited into the classroom to see the projects the students have been working on. Because of the large turn out, we had to spread the students over 3 classrooms!



  1. It's great to see how well the community is responding to the XOs and learning. Keep it up!

  2. Great work, Jeff! -Wayne & Barbara

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