Monday, June 1, 2009

And we're off!!!

Well, tomorrow I (Ian Wrangham) depart Boston for Uganda and Rwanda to begin this crazy adventure. I thought before we get started it may be worth it to post a few pictures, tug on those heart strings a little bit, and get people a little more interested in our project.
Below are our three volunteers who are working on training students and teachers to use the XO's through out the summer. Beginning from the top we have Koojo Matthew, Rwabuhinga Francis, and myself, Ian Wrangham.

Below is the current P1 Class at Kasiisi Primary School.

Below is a picture of Kasiisi Primary School from the school's field during recess. Here you can see a few classrooms and the Headmistress's Office/Library in the top left most building.

And finally, are you serious?
I mean really?

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